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SC “Ukrspecexport” presents defense-industrial sector of Ukraine at “IDEF-2015”
  The State Company “Ukrspecexport” represents Ukraine at 12th International Defence Industry Fair “IDEF-2015”, in joint exposition of the State Concern Ukroboronprom, between 5-8 May, 2015.
  Well-known products of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine will represent not only the SC "Ukrspecexport" and its subsidiaries State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade Company “Spectechnoexport”, State Enterprise “Ukroboronservice” and State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm “Ukrinmash”.
  In particular, will be presented during the exhibition layouts of ADROS Infrared Countermeasure station, KVITNIK-E guided artillery projectile with laser semi-active homing guidance, KOLCHUGA-M electronic signals monitoring system, Machine gun KM-7.62, etc. International exhibition of military equipment “IDEF-2015" will be held in the 12th time. The exhibition will include military equipment for the Army, Navy and Air Force, defense technology, space technology, aircraft, electronic equipment, security systems, transportation and logistics.
SC "Ukrspecexport" takes part in the International Air Show in China
  The State Company “Ukrspecexport” at joint exposition of Ukroboronpromt represents the capabilities of the Ukrainian enterprises in production, repair and modernization of military equipment at the “Airshow China 2014”. International Air Show and Exhibition airport equipment “Airshow China 2014” held 11-16 November 2014 in Zhuhai, China.
At the joint stand of Concern featured products of the State company “Ukrspecexport”, the State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade Enterprise “Spectechnoexport”, State Enterprise “Nikolaev Aircraft Repair Plant” and State Enterprise “Novator”.
Recall that China is one of the leading countries in which Ukraine is exporting the national defense industry.
“Airshow China 2014” - is the only international aerospace exhibition, endorsed and actively supported by the Chinese government. The visitors of the exhibition represented the civil and military aircraft, airport equipment, aerospace, ground equipment, missile and aircraft engines, missiles and aircraft weapon systems, navigation and flight control, air defense, etc. The program includes strategic airshow displays aerospace products, demonstration flights, forums and seminars.
  On September 1-4, Ukrspecexport at joint exposition of Ukroboronprom is participating in ‘MSPO-2014’ International Exhibition in Kielce (Poland). Among the enterprises which present their products on joint Ukroboronprom’s stand are the following: ‘Ukrspecexport’ State Enterprise, ‘Spectechnoexport’ SFTE, ‘Lviv Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant’, ‘Mykolayiv Armoured Plant’, ‘Kiev Factory ‘Radar’, ‘State Enterprise SIC ‘Progress’, ‘Shepetivka Repair Plant’, ‘Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant ‘Aviakon’, State Kyiv Design Bureau ‘Luch’, ‘Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant’, ‘Orizon-Navigation’ State Enterprise. Ukrainian delegation is headed by Roman Romanov, Ukroboronprom General Director.
Besides, the Round Table ‘Ukrainian defense industry’ will be held in the framework of the exhibition. The event will be attended by the representatives from ‘State Kyiv Design Bureau ‘Luch’, ‘Scientific and Production Complex ‘Iskra’, ‘Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant ‘Aviakon’, ‘Gas Turbine Research and Production Complex ‘Zorya-Mashproekt’ and ‘Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau’, ‘Orizon-Navigation’ State Enterprise. The prospects of international military technical cooperation between Ukraine and EU member-states are planned to be discussed at the event. Moreover, Ukroboronprom is ready to offer European partners joint projects on high-tech products manufacturing.

‘MSPO 2014’ is one of the largest defense industry exhibitions within Poland and Eastern Europe at all. About 400 companies from 23 countries over the world will present their developments within the exhibition space of 25 000 sq. m.
It is highly expected that about 13 000 persons will participate in the event. Additionally, exhibition participants will be shown military equipment and future soldier ammunitions, also they will be able to test night vision devices.
  Recently, a ‘Hotline’ has been launched by Ukroboronprom State Concern. First of all, the main aim of it is to provide a prompt communication with volunteers and voluntary organization. We strive to joint all the efforts of thousands of Ukrainians, who under this extra difficult period are trying their best to support Ukrainian servicemen and protect our country.

‘Hot line’ phone number: (044) 489-18-54
  ‘Zorya–Mashproekt’ State Enterprise, being incorporated with Ukroboronprom State Concern, supplied to China DG80L3 Engine for the needs of Kharbinsk Marine Boiler and Turbines Research Institute. The 25MW engine is designed to be installed on gas turbine power unit, capable to operate with two types of fuel. Remarkably, the shipment is made under the contract of 2013.
‘Zorya–Mashproekt’ and Kharbinsk Marine Boiler and Turbines Research Institute have been cooperating for many years. They have already fulfilled several joint projects in the area of gas transportation and energy. In particular, in 2013 it has equipped a number of industrial objects of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) with its power plants. Earlier, in 2010, the gas turbine power plant has been put into operation in Dongfang. Also SE Zorya -Mashproekt and HMBTRI fulfilled the co-project of gas compressor unit development on the base of the 25MW DU-80 engine.
As of today, according to the order of Kharbinsk Marine Boiler and Turbines Research Institute the enterprise will produce and supply to the Chinese customer three 6MW gas turbine DT71 engines. The engines will be used in booster compressor station. The shipment of the equipment is planned to be effected in the fourth quarter of 2014.
International Exhibition Farnborough Airshow 2014 opened in London
  On the stand of SC “Ukroboronprom”, in the international aerospace show Farnborough Airshow 2014, the possibility of the national defense industry will present SC “Ukroboronservice”, SJSHC “Atrem”, SE KMBP "FED" and SE "Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant "AVIAKON". Also, in the Ukrainian pavilion, representing stands of Antonov Company and "Motor Sich".
During the negotiations held by the delegation of the SC “Ukroboronprom”, reviewed aspects of import assembly and aggregate, that had previously been produced by enterprises of the Russian Federation. The result reached preliminary agreements on the possibilities of manufacturing producers from other countries.
Also, discussed expanding the boundaries of Ukraine air supply units that produced by enterprises of the Concern.
The negotiations regarding placing orders for Ukroboronprom enterprise capacities by the world's leading aircraft manufacturer, with the further promotion of these products on the markets of third countries.
President introduced the staff of Ukroboronprom State Concern a newly appointed general director – Roman Romanov
  President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko introduced the staff of Ukroboronprom State Concern a newly appointed general director – Roman Romanov.
“I expect from you very effective cooperation, which will not only significantly increase Ukroboronprom’s profitability and provide our Armed Forces with high quality weaponry, but also  demonstrate effective steps towards combatting corruption and the increase of assignments to state budget,” – Petro Poroshenko underlined while talking to Roman Romanov.
President expressed his conviction that antiterrorist operation, which is taking place in the East of the country, will lead not only to the victory, but to the creation of new armament samples, which have been ‘fire-seasoned’, as well. “State defense order will not only equip Army, but also it will be a concussion against the unemployment and unpaid assignments to the budget, which signifies valuable importance  for Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy and many other regions of Ukraine, and Kyiv city,” – Petro Poroshenko underlined.
President charged General Director of Ukroboronprom to provide for the consideration of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine with new version of the State Defense Order by the 11th of July.
Petro Poroshenko also remarked that new Ukroboronprom’s Director is specialist with enough relevant experience and expertise to ensure the effective Concern’s activity.
Ukroboronprom supplied to National Guard of Ukraine 5 vehicles of BTR-3E
  On June 25, 2014 the supply of next batch of five vehicles of BTR-3E armored personnel carriers for the needs of National Guard of Ukraine was carried out on the Kyiv Armored Plant, which is a member-enterprise of Ukroboronprom State Concern. This is the second batch of armored personnel carriers of such class, which was supplied to National Guard. In total 11 vehicles have been transferred so far.
“The main task of Ukroboronprom’s enterprises is to satisfy the needs of Armed Forces and National Guard of Ukraine in up-to-date weaponry types, development of new samples and their adaptation to modern realities. We make Ukraine strong and our fighting men’s lives protected. I am sure that modern military equipment as BTR-3E will ensure Ukraine peace and calmness very quickly.” – Mr. Tereshchenko informed.
According to the executive BTR-3E, having been developed at Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau and being produced at Kyiv Armored Plant, is fundamentally different from previous developments of armored personnel carriers.
“BTR-3E contains automatic gearbox, reliable engine, powerful fire module and amour, capable to save the lives and health of crew of the vehicle. Its maintenance costs are significantly reduced. I am confident of this vehicle’s capability to perform any difficult task,” – Yuriy Tereshchenko stated.
And Stepan Poltorak, Commander of National Guard of Ukraine, being present at the event, in his tern underlined the importance of involvement of Ukrainian defense industrial complex’s enterprises into the modernization of forceful units of the state.
“First of all, we make an order at our Ukrainian enterprises. This gives an impulse to the development of national defense industry. In return, we receive qualitative products in set deadlines. Ukroboronprom produces modern qualitative armored personnel carriers and other military equipment.” – Mr. Poltorak stressed on.
Ukrspecexport State Company presents Ukraine at EUROSATORY-2014 international exhibition
  Ukrspecexport State Company on June 16-20, 2014 presents Ukraine at Joint exposition of Ukroboronprom at EUROSATORY-2014 International Exhibition on Weaponry, Security Technologies and Protection Means, which takes place in Paris (Republic of France).
Joint exposition of Ukroboronprom was formed by Concern member-enterprises: Ukrspecexport, Ukroboronservice, Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau, State Kyiv Design Bureau ‘Luch’, Research-and-Production Association ‘Kyiv Automatics Plant named after G.Petrovsky’ PJSC, Izyum Instrument-Making Plant.
The newest weaponry samples, in particular, mockups of BTR-3E1, BTR-4 Armored Personnel Carriers, OplotMB Tank, and Sarmat Antitank System were presented at Ukroboronprom’s stand.
EUROSATORY-2014 is a large International Exhibition, devoted to the issues on safety, defense and advanced technologies related to it. Remarkably, EUROSATORY-2014 has been being held under the patronage of Ministry of Defense of France since 1967 with regularity once per two years. 
Ukrspecexport State Company take part in the KADEX-2014 international exhibition
  On May 22-25, 2014 Ukrspecexport is participating in KADEX-2014 International Exhibition on Weaponry and Military Equipment in Astana (Kazakhstan Republic).
Joint exposition of Ukroboronprom and its member-enterprises is formed by Ukrspecexport, Ukroboronservice, Ukrinmash, State Kyiv Design Bureau ‘Luch’, Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant ‘Aviakon’, Odessa Aircraft Plant, Lutsk Repair Plant ‘Motor’, Kyiv Armored Plant, Lviv Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant, Orizon-Navigation, State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center, Konstantinovka State Scientific Industrial Enterprise ‘Kvarsit’, State Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Products.
Among the facilities to be presented on Ukroboronprom’s stand there are following: satellite navigation equipment ‘СН-3003Е АПМА461513.014’, mockup of navigation system ‘СН-3210Е АПМА 461513.015’, mockup of antitank guided missiles R-2M of ‘Skif-M’ complex, R-3 of ‘Korsar’ complex, R-2V of ‘Barrier-V’ complex and R-2S.
Also scaled models of Oplot MB tank, BTR-4 armored personnel carrier, ‘Kolchuga-M’ electronic reconnaissance set, mockup of BTR-3E1 and Dozorarmored personnel carrier, tracked fire fighting vehicles GPM-54-01 and GPM-72, universal multipurpose tracer BTS-5B, ‘Koral’ naval safeguard ship of 58160 Project and small armored artillery boat ‘Gurza’ are to be presented.
Notably, ‘Gurza’ is the latest-generation armored boat, which suppresses foreign analogues in its technical specifications and combat possibilities, and has a big potential for upgrading as well. The boat is designed for patrol duty on boundary rivers and offshore strip of seas, and fighting with other boats and small size protected targets located on surface as well.
Yuriy Tereshchenko: Ukroboronprom presented the newest developments of national unmanned aircraft
  In the airdrome of Borodianka, Kyiv region, Ukroboronprom State Concern carried out the demonstration of Ukrainian developments in the area of unmanned equipment. It was reported by Concern Temporary Acting Director General, Yuriy Tereshchenko.
Following companies participated in the demonstration flights: Spectechnoexport, being a member of Ukroboronprom, and also UAVia specialized enterprise, State Enterprise General Aviation Design Bureau, Zhytomyr military Institute named after S. Korolyov, Institute of weaponry and military equipment of Armed Forces of Ukraine and others.
According to Yuriy Tereshchenko, the developers demonstrated the implementation of reconnaissance mission using BpAK R-100 multipurpose unmanned aviation complex with data transmission in real time mode. This device was made by UAVia’s specialists. Also the capabilities of multi-rotors of national production were demonstrated. In Mr. Tereshenko’s opinion, the facilities are able to enhance significantly the reconnaissance possibilities of Ukrainian force authorities, including those while performing antiterrorist operations.
Two and three-seats hang gliders designed to equip special operation forces were presented in action for consideration of the force authorities’ representatives. These flying vehicles also can be equipped by special unmanned systems for the conduction of reconnaissance and strike missions.
“This is just a part of developments, which can be provided by Ukrainian enterprises. On this stage it is important to integrate the potential into reliable production samples. The necessity of such equipment is extremely high, taking into account the challenges for security of the state,” Yuriy Tereshchenko emphasized.
According to the executive, Concern will identify the optimal strategy in the framework of initiative on equipment of Armed Forces of Ukraine and other force structures with the unmanned facilities. “It is necessary to balance immediate and midterm needs of power-wielding structures of Ukraine, as well as capabilities of public and private companies in terms of development of this equipment. Relevant leading foreign companies should be attracted to the national projects implementation if there is such a need,” Ukroboronprom’s director said.
Ukroboronprom has developed a number of projects for modernization of T-64 tanks
  Ukroboronprom State Concern has developed a number of projects for modernization of T-64 Tank. It was stated by Yuriy Tereshenko, Concern Temporary Acting Director General.
Following the executive, first of all it means the modernization of T-64B tank to the version of BulatBM. By its main technical specifications Bulat BM can be compared with Russian T-90 Tank, and it approximates to Oplot BM. Tank has prospects of further modernization owing to the installation of stronger power-plant with the 6-TD1 and 6TD-2 Engines , upgraded fire control systems, reactive protection, communications and navigation system. The cost of T-64 modernization to the version ofBulat BM is four times cheaper than the cost of production of Oplot BM.
Kharkiv Plant of Armored Tanks has also developed the Project for modernization of T-64 to the version of T-64E. Tank contains a new fire control system and guided armament package. A distinguishing feature of T-64E is the possibility to install two combat modules, including anti-aircraft gun, on the turret. Tank has an enhanced armored protection, reactive armor system ‘Duplet’ or active protection system ‘Zaslon’. T-64 is powered with an upgraded 5TDF Engine with the capacity of 850 hp. In terms of ‘price-to-effectiveness’ ratio, T-64E is one of the best samples of modern tanks. Herewith, the price of such vehicle is significantly less than Bulat BM’s price.
Besides, Ukroboronprom is able to offer T-64BV-1 Tanks which have passed the major overhaul. This is a budget option that is optimal under the conditions of insufficient financing. In terms of ‘price-to quality’ ratio, this tank suppresses T-72 Tank after the major overhaul.
“The field of armored vehicles of Ukroboronprom is a key one within the national deference industrial complex of Ukraine and it has a closed-type development and production cycle of heavy and light armor vehicles. The key elements within this chain - Kharkiv Morozov Machne-Building Design Bureau and Malyshevplant – have saved the potential for development and production as the modernized as well as new samples of armored vehicles,” Mr. Tereshenko summarized.
Ukroboronservice at its own expense is to recover five units of BTR-80
  Ukroboronservice State Enterprise started conducting renovation works and upgrading of five units of BTR-80. All works will be performed at company’s own circulating assets in the framework ofUkroboronprom’s strategy, focused on strengthening the defense potential of the state.
It was announced by Sergey Mykytyuk, Director of the enterprise.
According to the executive, major overhaul of four units of BTR-80 and upgrade of another similar vehicle will be carried out. After the major overhaul and modernization are performed, all five armored personnel carriers, which are on the Ukroboronservice’s balance sheet, are to be transferred to military structures of Ukraine.
Sergey Mykytyuk also reported that increase of fighting capability of Ukrainian Army is the priority task of Ukrainian special exporters.
“Being under the difficult conditions for the state we, as special exporters, will contribute as much as possible to Army’s rearmament and defense industry development. There is a need of a powerful Army under the actual occupation conditions of the certain part of Ukraine. To achieve this we use all reserves and possibilities. The supply of five units of BTR-80 will be the first step in the implementation of this system program,” Mr. Mykytyuk underlined.
Conduction of renewal of four units of BTR-80 in accordance with the plan of Ukroboronservice is to be finished in a one and a half or two months. Upgrading of another BTR-80 will take a little bit more time. The works are being carried out by specialists of Kyiv Armored Plant, which has relevant industrial and technological base. Decisions concerning further usage of BTR-80 will be made by the management of military structures.

BTR-80 is amphibious armored vehicle with the eight wheels, all of them driving. Vehicle has following configuration: operating compartment is located in the frontal part, joint troop and combat compartment in the middle part, and engine compartment in the rear part of the vehicle accordingly. Crew BTR-80 consists of 2 persons: vehicle commander and driver; besides them vehicle is able to transport 8 persons from landing troops, one of which is performing the functions of turret gunner.
Within the Armed Forces of Ukraine BTR-80 is adopted by the units that are incorporated with Land Forces and Naval Infantry of Naval Forces.
Thai Princess has highly appreciated ukrainian armored vehicles
  Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Princess of Kingdom of Thailand, accompanied by Thai Army Chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha, visited Sakeav polygon (Thailand), where the examination of weaponry and vehicles of Thai Royal Army was carried out. Among the samples of military vehicles the newest armored personnel carriers and tanks of Ukrainian production were presented in Thai Army.
Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has highly appreciated Ukrainian armored vehicles: “We are satisfied with the quality of Ukrainian military equipment supplied and we are going to deepen the military technical cooperation with Ukraine”.
Thailand is the main Costumer of Ukrainian armored vehicles, in particular BTR-3E1, and Oplot MB. This is proved by contacts signed between Ukrspecexport and Thailand in 2008 and 2011 for the supply of BTR-3E1 and and Oplot MB.
Ukrspecexport is participating in ‘FIDAE-2014’ international aerospace fair
  Ukrspecexport State Company on March 25-30, 2014 will represent Ukraine at ‘FIDAE-2014’ International Aerospace Fair (Santiago, Chile Republic).
Among the themes of the Fair are following: military aviation equipment, aviation weaponry, civil commercial aircraft, ground based and airport equipment, space technologies, technical maintenance of aerial vehicles, and ground based aircraft systems.
Ukroboronprom’s joint exposition is formed by Concern member enterprises: Ukrspecexport, Spectechnoexport, Ukroboronservice, Ukrinmash, Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant ‘Aviakon’, Lugansk Aircraft Repair Plant, Research-and-Production Association ‘Kyiv Automatics Plant Named After G.Petrovsky’
Informative and sales materials concerning products and prospect developments of leading Concern enterprises in the field of aircraft engineering and aircraft repair were presented onUkroboronprom’s stand.
Motor-Sich JSC and Ukrainian-Brazilian company ‘Alcаntara Cyclone Space’ were presented at FIDAE-2014 separately.
SFTE ‘Spectechnoexport’ has signed the contract for BTR-4 supply for the needs of naval forces of Indonesia
  In the end of February, 2014 in Djakarta the negotiations between Spectechnoexport management and representatives of Ministry of Defense and Naval Infantry of the Naval Forces of Indonesia were conducted. Within the negotiations the fundamental terms of the contract for the BTR-4 supply in quantity of 5 units were discussed. As a reminder, Spectechnoexport has won the tender for the purchasing armored vehicles for the purposes of Naval Forces of Indonesia offering BTR-4 manufactured by Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau.
The Draft contract was initialed by both parties. The process of its consideration for an approval is being carried out by the responsible structures of Ministry of Defense of Indonesia. It is expected that this contact will be handed over to Ukrainian party in the nearest future.
It should be noted that this contract is the first step of the Program on armored vehicles purchase by Indonesian Naval Forces. If the contract is implemented successfully, other 50 similar vehicles will be also supplied. Also worth noting is that winning in this Project is the result of difficult competitive struggle with Russian special exporters.
With the participation of SC ‘Ukrspecexport’ the air forces of Croatia have received two MI-8 helicopters repaired
  Croatian company Aviation and Technical Center ‘ZTC’ with the assistance of Ukrspecexport State Company and Sevastopol Aircraft Plant, being incorporated with Ukroboronprom State Concern, has transferred two Mi-8 Helicopters repaired after the major overhaul to the Air Forces of Croatia. The third helicopter for the needs of Croatian Air Forces is under the preparation to flyoff.
The repair of Mi-8 Helicopters for the needs of Croatian Air Forces is being performed under the contract signed on July 2013 between Ukrspecexport and Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia. The contract envisages the repair of six Mi-8 Helicopters.
‘ZTC’ management thanked Ukrainian partners for fruitful and successful cooperation. Croatian part also notes that owing to Ukrainian specialists, the competitiveness and opportunities of ‘ZTC’ were enhanced on the world market.
The participation of Sevastopol Aircraft Plant in the fulfillment of the contract allowed the enterprise to improve its financial and economic indicators and to load its productive capacities. The enterprise is providing the services on repair and modernization of aviation equipment for the needs of international customers, as well as for Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, particularly, for the needs of 56th Separate Helicopter Detachment of NATO’s.
SE ‘KMDB’ has produced a new variant BTR-4E1 with additional protection
  Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau State Enterprise (hereinafter - SE ‘KMDB’) being incorporated with Ukroboronprom State Concern, has finished the manufacturing of new variant of B TR-4E1 Armored Combat Vehicle with additional protection.
This variant of BTR-4E1 extends the family of armored vehicles with wheel arrangement of 8x8 that is already in serial production. SE ‘KMDB’ has developed and manufactured the trial model and kit of add-on armor for it that allows improving the protection of BTR-4E1 crew and troops significantly. Herewith, the armor can be installed and unmounted by crew efforts under field conditions, depending on combat task performed and treat level.
BTR-4E1 is amphibian combat armored vehicle with the wheel arrangement 8х8. BTR-4E1 has modular construction, which allowed creating on the common chassis base the armored vehicles family. It contains armored personnel carrier, combat infantry vehicle, commander vehicle, command and staff vehicle, medical vehicle, repair and recovery vehicle. Due to the application of various combat modules and special equipment, the vehicle is adjusted to the performance of various combat and auxiliary tasks.
BTR-4 is adopted by Ukrainian army. The vehicle is also very popular among international customers.
Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau State Enterprise is a leading manufacturer of armorted vehicles in Ukraine.
The newest radar system MR-1 against ‘stealth’ should be tested in accordance with state standards in 2015
  Upon the sufficient financing the MR-1 Radar System, manufactured by the Scientific and Production Complex ‘Iskra’, might have been tested for the compliance with the state standards already in 2015. This was informed by Igor Presnyak, Director of the enterprise.
According to the official, MR-1 Radar System is being developed and manufactured exceptionally at the expense of the SE SPP ‘Iskra’. The specific feature of the radar system is its allowance for air targets detection made under ‘stealth’ technology.
“MR-1 has the number of significant advantages against the foreign radar systems of meter range. In particular, MR-1 has a short build up time (up to 5 min) compared to NEBO-SVU Radar System, build up time of which is 30 min. All equipment of our station is placed on one KRAZ motor vehicle in the comparison with three vehicles needed for 55Zh5 Radar System. The MR-1 Radar System allows making an assessment of the altitude of the target location. The VOSTOK-E Radar System has no such ability,” I. Presnyak stressed on.
The equipment of the MR-1 is made on the up-to-date digital base, allowing it to integrate effectively into the military and civil airspace control systems.
“As of today, we are limited in the possibility of investing our own financial resources for spare parts purchase and station manufacturing. This is due to the cutback in the state purchase orders and the necessity of upgrading of radar equipment, being manufactured by our enterprises, in order to keep its export potential. Full or partial financing of the works left by the state bodies should significantly speed up the terms of manufacturing of MR-1 radar system,” - the director of the enterprise emphasized
Cancellation of tenders for Ukroboronprom enterprises will strengthen positions of Ukraine as the world’s special exporter
   The Government approval of the list of the military industrial complex enterprises for the execution of the Law “On Amendments to the Law “On Implementation of the State Procurements” adopted by Verkhovna Rada and aimed at creating the system for procurement of goods, works and services, increasing the volume of Ukrainian products supplies to the world markets and enhancing the operational effectiveness of the military industrial complex enterprises.
It was reported by Tetiana Khrypko, Deputy Director General of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.
According to Ms Khrypko, the Document determines that the Law “On Implementation of the State Procurements” does not apply to the implementation of procurement of goods, works and services by the military industrial complex enterprises which are in the list approved by the Ukrainian Government dated February 12, 2014. This list, in particular, includes 155 member enterprises within the Concern including the joint-stock companies – manufacturers of military equipment and armament - also managed by Ukroboronprom.
“The need for holding tenders and the complications occured while planning the procurements volumes were the key factors of the manufacturing process significant delay at the Concern enterprises”, T. Khrypko pointed out.
In her opinion, the cancellation of tenders for procurement of military equipment components will reduce the duration of the military equipment and armament manufacturing, repairing and upgrading cycle, enhance the competitiveness of national enterprises in the foreign markets and allow increasing the volume of orders.
“The list approved provides on the legislative principles for the military industrial complex enterprises for timely and efficient planning as well as the proper fulfillment of contractual orders”, the official person said.
“The need for holding tenders often makes it impossible to execute an order since considerable number of components and materials are specified in the design documentation with the manufacturer stated. It is rather risky to use other suppliers’ products even if much cheaper. This could only be possible by the agreement with the armament sample developer and after complete trials conducted which is ‘an expensive treat’. There is no point in replacing the proven component with the cheaper one so that in the course of the trials the expensive unit would be lost. It is that very case when one should not save on small things not to lose something more significant”, the Deputy Director emphasized.
As Ms Khrypko further resumed, the Law “On Amendments to the Law “On Implementation of State Procurements” will enable the fulfillment of foreign economic contracts of the military industrial complex, enhance their financial and economic stand and strengthen the positions of Ukraine as the world’s special exporter.
Ukroboronprom enters foreign markets with T-64
  The Subsidiary of the State Company “Ukrspecexport” the State Company “Ukroboronservice” concluded the foreign economic contract for major overhaul and supply of 50 main battle tanks T64BV-1. The works will be performed by the State Enterprise Kharkiv plant of armored tanks.
“The signing of the contract is an important step of the Concern towards introduction of this type of tank on world arm markets. T-64 is considered to be the strategic breakthrough and it has never been exported before, up to the present moment.
T-64 is superior to T-72 by the list of main technical specifications such as firepower, tank’s protection and passability, also the upgraded T-64 tank into the version of T-64BM Bulat is superior to T-90 accordingly.
Moreover, under the criteria “price-quality” the upgraded T-64 is superior to the list of foreign analogues”, - Vadym Fedosov, the Director of Division of Armored Vehicles, Artillery Armament, Automotive Vehicles, Engineering and Special Equipment of the Ukroboronprom said. He emphasized that the contract has been concluded within the fulfilment the Concern management decision concerning the expansion of supplies of armored vehicles for foreign customers.
“Due to availability of great number of units of T-64tank in Ukraine, it is more profitable for the country to sell them on the foreign markets rather than to recycle those machines. The fulfilment of this contract allows providing the Ukrainian enterprises with good work load, increasing profit of the Concern and assignments to the budget, as well creating of new working places in as mid-term prospect. For example, the supply of each tank T-64 allows to create at least one working place at the contractor enterprise”, - V. Fedosov said.
He also informed that after the signing the contract for repair and supply of 50 tanks T-64BV-1, the State Enterprise “Kharkiv Plant of Armored Tanks” will increase its outputs almost up to UAH 100 mln. Thus, the enterprise will get new possibilities in 2014.
First of all, the number of working places will be increased: number of personnel will be increased by 20% compared to 2013. The average wages of the enterprise will amount to UAH 4350, the wages of production workers and other personnel amounting to UAH 4644 and UAH 4080 accordingly. The assignments to the budget will be increased up to UAH 5.1 mln. The expected profit will amount to UAH 4.5 mln, which will give the opportunity to renew fixed assets of the enterprise and make their repair and upgrading.
Sergiy Gromov, the Director General of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”, declared that Ukroboronprom aims to extent export of T-64 tanks. “The list of foreign partners, which operate the equipment manufactured in the Soviet Union, show the interest in purchasing of these tanks. We are sure in the success of this product”, - the Director General said.
Т-64 the main battle tank, whose concept was developed in the beginning of 60th by DB of Kharkov Machine-Building Plant (now the State Enterprise “Kharkov Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau”). From the moment of its creation T-64 has been enhancing constantly on the basis of experience gained during combat actions of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union and the development of technologies. While the Soviet Union existed the tank has not been exported, because it was considered as strategic purpose arm and was intended to be used for combating the potential enemy from NATO countries. T-64 tank has been produced in serial by Kharkiv Machine-Building Plant (now the State Enterprise “Malyshevplant”).
As of today, Ukraine is the main operator of series of T-64 main battle tanks. Modifications of T-64 MB tank are the basis vehicles for the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Currently, in the interest of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine the enterprises of Ukroboronprom are upgrading T-64 into the version of BM Bulat.
Ukroboronprom jointly with India is ready to develop the up-to-date armament
   The State Concern “Ukroboronprom” is ready for deep integration in order to develop manufacture of up-to-date armament on the territory of India. That is aircraft engineering and manufacture of high-precision armament and ammunitions.
It was informed by Maksym Gluschenko, Deputy Director General of Ukroboronprom, at the meeting with Shankar Agarwal, Deputy Minister of Defense of India. The meeting was held within the International Exhibition Defexpo 2014 (India).
According to him, Ukroboronprom provided the list of offers for the participation in offset tenders of the Ministry of Defense of India, which suppose the compulsory availability of the Indian partners.
m.Glushenko emphasized the positive dynamics in the development of military and technical cooperation between Ukraine and India.
“In 2012 trade volume with India in the field of military and technical cooperation amounted to almost $120 mln. In 2013 these indicators increasedmore than 3 times amounting to $397.4 mln. We successfully fulfilled the contract for supply of R-27 missiles manufactured by State Joint Stock Holding Company “Artem”. Currently the list of options is going to be signed. Also we successfully develop bilateral cooperation in the field of supply of gas turbine units for ships”, - M. Gluschenko said.
SFTE Spectechnoexport signed the contract for development of air defense missile system in the framework of the tender of Ministry of defense of India
  The representatives of SFTE Spectechnoexport and the State Corporation Larsen&Toubro ltd. (India) signed the contact for development of air defense missile system within the tender for supply of 138 ADMS for the Ministry of Defense of this country. It was informed by Andriy Stefanyshyn, 1st Deputy Director General of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.
The Indian Corporation is a recipient of tender documentation and has got the right to participate in the tender. One fire machine and one command machine should be shipped to India. The command machine will by manufactured by the Kharkiv Automobile Plant, fire machine – by the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”, the gun – by Design Bureau “Artillery Armament” member enterprises of the Ukroboronprom.
Upon successful testing, the equipment will be supplied to the Ministry of Defense of India.
New contract for renovation of aircraft equipment was signed in interests of the Ministry of defense of India
   The negotiations between the representatives of the State Concern “Ukrboronprom”, SFTESpectechnoexport and Murti, the Vice-marshal of the Air Forces of India, the director of the Department of transport aviation, were held in the Main Office of the Air Forces of India.
It was declared by Maksym Gluschenko, Deputy Director General of Ukroboronprom.
According to him, the parties discussed the fulfillment of the contract for repair, increase of life-service and re-equipment of An-32 military-transport aircrafts of Indian Air Forces at the Ukrainian enterprises and in India.
“Murti, the Vice-marshal of the Air Forces of India expressed his satisfaction with the quality of works done by the Ukrainian side. The conclusion of new contract for repair and renovation of aircraft equipment between Indian Air Forces and SFTE Spectechnoexport has become the proof of high quality of repair works” – M. Gluschenko informed.
He also noted that issues on further deepening of bilateral cooperation had been discussed.
“The prospect direction in the development of bilateral cooperation in aviation is the repair and service life extension of helicopter equipment of the Air Forces of India. Previously, Ukraine has carried out the renovation of helicopters in the interests of the Indian side” – Gluschenko declared.
Ukroboronprom presented multipurpose unmanned aircraft system in India
   Multi-purpose Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) R-100 has been presented on the stand of the Ukroboronprom State Concern in the framework of the exhibition DEFEXPO – 2014. The system is developed by Ukrainian specialists for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. SFTE Spectechnoexport, being a member of Ukroboronprom, is in charge of promotion of UAS on the foreign market.
UAV R-100 can be used for solving a wide range of tasks both in military and civil segments. There are different configurations of the system: the mobile version of wheeled or tracked vehicle and also the compact version.
With the overall dimensions of 1.8 х 1.4 m and weight close to 15 kg, system’s payload weight is about 3 kg on the altitude range of 50-3000 m.
Also 2.5 hp compact internal combustion engine provides UAS with flight range up to 100 km at a speed 50-250 km/h and continues time of flight up to 6 h.
The Ukrainian Unmanned Aircraft System has a list of competitive advantages which provide the system with good market prospects. Thus, the basis of UAS is cast-in-block construction which provides UAS with high operational reliability and survivability.
The Ukrainian Unmanned Aircraft System can be launched both from the land-based and mobile platforms. High performance characteristics are also reached due to the unique system of landing of aerial vehicle on landing cable, which guarantees long term of no-failure operation. Also the landing can be carries out using parachute with a pneumocushion or a track. Competitive price and lower maintenance costs are among the advantages of the Unmanned Aircraft System R-100.
SFTE Spectechnoexport offers fully integrated solutions including also technical abilities of R-100 for the foreign markets. In particular, Unmanned Aircraft System can be used in complex System of security of the state border and the System of fight with enemy UAVs.
On February 6-9, 2014 Ukroboronprom State Concern takes part in the 8th Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems ExhibitionDEFEXPO-2014 (Deli, India). The main topics of the exhibition cover the sections of armament for land-forces and navy, including air defense equipment, electronic warfare facilities and communication means, aviation equipment and armored vehicles, artillery armament, shooting arms and equipment for Special Forces’ needs, naval equipment and armament and also satellite and cosmic technologies.
Sri Lanka is ready to upgrade and repair armored vehicles and aircrafts on the member enterprises of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”
   The SC “Ukroboronprom” and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces are ready to develop military and technical cooperation in the field of repair, upgrade and supply of new samples of military equipment and armament. It was declared by Maksym Gluschenko, the Deputy Director General of Ukroboronprom, after the meeting with lieutenant general Jagath Jayasuriya, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, within the framework of the exhibition “DEFEXPO – 2014”.
M. Gluschenko informed that Chief of the General Staff had shown the interest in repair and upgrade of aircraft fleet and military vessels of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka with participation of the member enterprises of Ukroboronprom.
According to him, the issues on supply of spare parts to aviation, armored vehicles and military vessels by Ukraine to this country were discussed during negotiations with Sri Lankan side.
The sides agreed to create the joint commission with involvement of the representatives of the Concern, special exporters and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka. On the territory of Sri Lanka the commission will perform the analysis of the prospects of bilateral cooperation and evaluate technical assessment of the conditions of Sri Lankan military equipment and armament. After that Ukrainian special exporters will provide the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka with commercial and technical offers for deepening of bilateral military and technical cooperation.
The representative of Sri Lanka noted the positive dynamics in the development of military and technical cooperation with Ukraine.
“Sri Lanka appreciates friendly relationships with Ukraine. Your country has great opportunities in the field of military industrial complex. We are acquainted with the technologies and products of Ukroboronprom. We are ready to enhance the further cooperation with Ukraine in the field of military and technical cooperation”, - lieutenant general Jagath Jayasuriya declared.
On February 6-9, 2014 the SC “Ukroboronprom” takes part in the 8th Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition «DEFEXPO-2014» (Deli, India).
India is one of the leading partners of Ukraine in the field of military and technical cooperation.
The main topics of the exhibition cover the sections of armament for land-forces and navy, including air defense equipment, electronic warfare facilities and communication means, aviation equipment and armored vehicles, artillery armament, shooting arms and equipment for Special Force’s needs, naval equipment and armament and also satellite and cosmic technologies.
Ukraine has supplied the first batch of five OPLOT main battle tanks to Thailand
  On February 4, 2014 the first batch of five Oplot main battle tanks arrived to the Kingdom of Thailand. Ukrainian tanks produced by the State Enterprise “Malyshevplant” arrived to the Port of Sattahip (Thailand) where they were discharged and directed to the place of acceptance testing. After the final testing by the Thailand side, the vehicles will be finally accepted under the terms of the contract.
It should be reminded, that in November 2013 in Kharkov representatives of the SC “Ukrspecexport” and the Royal Thai Army signed a technical acceptance certificate of the first batch of these main battle tanks.
The supply of the first batch of Oplot main battle tank is performed under the contract concluded in September 2011 between SC “Ukrspecexport” and operational command of the Royal Thai Army for the supply of 49 units of main battle tanks “Oplot” and support vehicles. The total contract value exceeds USD 200 million.
SC “Ukroboronprom” will take part in the international exhibition «DEFEXPO-2014»
   On 6-9 February, 2014 SC “Ukroboronprom” will take part in the 8th Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition «DEFEXPO-2014» (Deli, India). India is one of the leading partners of Ukraine in the field of military and technical cooperation.
The main topics of the exhibition will cover the sections of armament for land-forces and navy, including air defense equipment, electronic warfare facilities and communication means, aviation equipment and armored vehicles, artillery armament, shooting arms and equipment for Special Forces’ needs, naval equipment and armament and also satellite and cosmic technologies.
The combined exposition of SC “Ukroboronprom” will be formed by Concern member enterprises: SC “Ukrspecexport”, SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport”, SSFTIF “Ukrinmash”, SFTE “Spetctechnoexport”, SE “Zorya -“Mashproekt”, “Chemical state enterprise n. G.I. Petrovskogo”, PJSC “Zavod “Fiolent”, KSSIE “Kvarsit”, SE RI “Kvant”, SE “Kyiv armored plant”.
Models of equipment of satellite navigation systems suppression “Anklav”, Radar system “Delta”, R-100 UAV, natural samples of rotatory transformers 2,5ВТ, 2,5(B)ВТ, ВТ5, 5(B)BT, angle sensors BT71, BT100, IPU-D, accelerometers А-15 and А-30, shaft angle encoder PAK-20, angular velocity sensor DUS will be presented on the stand of SC “Ukroboronprom”.
For the more detail information about production of the leading Concern enterprises the participants and visitors will be provided with a wide range of informative and advertising brochures and catalogues.